Cyber threats cost businesses billions annually

It is estimated that computer viruses cost businesses more than $55 billion annually with over 30% of this activity taking place in the United States. Not surprisingly, responsible doctors and office managers seek to safeguard their data and IT systems from these threats.

We provide centralized protection of all workstations on your network. This solution provides comprehensive protection from all types of contemporary cyber threats, including viruses, spyware, and hacker attacks.


    Crouching Android v5

  • All incoming and outgoing files and data streams on your computer are scanned for malicious content, Internet traffic, and network communication.
  • New antivirus engine detects and neutralizes the latest threats for all workstations including Mac , Windows , and Linux platforms.
  • Real-time, on-access scanning, or in-depth system scans on schedule, or on-demand.
  • Infected or compromised files are retained in an archive to ensure data restoration.
  • Intelligent high-speed scanning, consuming less than 1-percent if available processing power.
  • Centrally supported infrastructure enables local management of antivirus software.
  • Antivirus protection can be kept active and properly monitored.