Full Disk Encryption Technology

IPQuest deploys full disk encryption solutions. With full disk encryption, the entire disk drive is encrypted, including data, applications, the OS, and free space, so that if a system is lost or stolen, malicious individuals cannot access data stored on the device.

Automated.  Systematic.  Secure.

When properly implemented, full disk encryption provides a strong and automated security solution that does not depend on active employee participation. It is based on a mature technology, can be implemented across all servers, workstations, laptops, and tablets and can be centrally managed by our support personnel.

Our solution has the following features:

  • Internationally recognized encryption standards for full hard disk encryption.
  • Allows multiple users to share encrypted computers without sharing their passwords.
  • Encrypts data in the background so that protection doesn’t interrupt your users’ work.
  • Prevents unauthorized users from reading lost or stolen media.
  • Makes regulatory compliance easier with policy enforcement and reporting.
  • Delivers better data security through proven encryption algorithms and performance.
  • Logging in is more convenient and secure with single sign-on (SSO), with only one password for users to remember.