Reporting is an essential tool to quickly and easily quantify the value of our services, drive the right IT discussions, and build a Trusted Advisor relationship with IPQuest.

Quickly answer tough IT questions like these:
  1.  What specifically have we done for you today?
  2. What issues have we proactively prevented?
  3. How have we saved you money?
  4. How can IT do a better job of supporting your core business?
  5. Where is your network at risk?

And many others.

IPQuest reporting address four major functional areas:
  1.  Business impact of managed services
  2. Long-term IT infrastructure performance
  3. Asset management
  4. Regulatory compliance auditing

Business Impact Reporting

TotalCare reporting demonstrates the value of our services and communicate technical information effectively our customers. Our reporting helps us to conduct initial network assessments and makes it easy to explain IT infrastructure metrics by distilling relevant information and presenting it clearly and concisely.

Long-Term IT Performance Reporting

IPQuest retains data over extended periods, allowing long-term analysis of key network metrics such as utilization comparison over different time periods, utilization-based device ranking and IT infrastructure performance within the exact hours and days as defined by TotalCare.

Asset Management Reporting

Most of our clients have numerous devices on their networks, making it difficult to manage these assets on a timely, cost-effective basis. TotalCare provides a robust set of reports that ease asset management and help you to plan and build business cases for upgrades.

Regulatory Compliance Auditing

Reporting is a key element of regulatory compliance in healthcare, and is absolutely essential for compliance-related audits. TotalCare gives you the power to address the IT aspects of regulatory compliance, through reporting on:

  • System and security events in the network
  • State of the backup protection
  • Remote control access and patch status