Dr. Harris B. Siegel, DMD, FAGD

“When we built our new facility, we invested heavily in the latest and greatest technologies available to the dental industry. The company we hired to navigate us through this transition fell apart and left us in a miserable state of affairs. Fortunately, we found IPQUEST.

“They took the necessary time to thoroughly evaluate our entire network, evaluate our current reality, and explain why things not only needed to be done differently but maintained in a different fashion as well. They told us the honest truth of the matter knowing it would be difficult to hear. It was evident early on to us that they were knowledgeable and talented. But what really impressed us was the fact that our relationship with them was most important. They wanted to insure that we were all on the same page with clear expectations about what needed to be done, how long it would take, how much it would cost, and how the service would be provided. They have always been prompt, attentive, and a pleasure with whom to work. IPQUEST got us up on our feet again. They have allowed us to do what we do best – care for our patients – while knowing that our technologies and networks are also in the best of hands. After all, that’s what they do best! And they are the best! I really value these guys at IPQuest and look forward to sharing in their continued success!!”