Hosted Telephone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has established itself today as a robust and reliable technology due to its achieving the requisite QoS (Quality of Service) that business demands.  It delivers both voice and data over the Internet rather than through the old analog wire networks of the phone and cable companies.   Hosted refers to the fact that all the equipment necessary to route a business’s voice and data traffic is owned by the Service Provider, freeing a business from the expenses of heavy capital equipment, IT investments, upgrades or changes.


  • Auto‐Attendant – An automated attendant greets your caller (“Thank you for calling (Business). Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support,” etc.) and we’ll deliver your call wherever you designate.
  • Hunt Groups – Distribute calls from a single phone number or extension to multiple phone lines. Hunt Groups are commonly used in businesses with departments.
  • Dial‐by‐Name Directory – Instantly make your company seem larger by allowing incoming calls to reach certain extensions or people by being auto‐prompted by the attendant to access an extension by dialing either first or last names.
  • On‐Hold Music – Upload custom hold music or create unique marketing messages, special offers and notifications using .wav files.
  • Holiday & After Hours Special Greetings – Record your own custom Holiday greetings or after‐hours messages.
  • Web Portal Interface – The Office Manager interface is a web page that allows you, the customer, to manage all the options and specific features for your business VoIP phone system.
  • Number Portability – Quickly and easily port your numbers from your old phone service provider with the help of our dedicated porting department.
  • Caller ID – We support Caller ID for making and receiving calls. You can see the name and phone number of the person calling as well as control the name that appears when you call people.
  • eFax – Enjoy your fax service, which enables you to start sending and receiving faxes from your computer.
  • Enhanced Voicemail – Never miss another phone call. If you don’t answer the phone, callers can be sent to a voicemail greeting established by you. Manage messages by listening, deleting and forwarding at any time.
  • Emergency Service 911 – Dial 911 from your IPQuest phone. The address you provide IPQuest within your Office Manager control panel will be the address sent to dispatchers.