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AuthAir is a cutting edge authentication solution that makes logging in and out of Dental office systems more secure without the hassle of modifying your existing processes or procedures. The solution seamlessly integrates with existing hardware and practice
management software while adding additional layers of security, giving businesses large and small – the ability to meet HIPAA security regulations head on, confident in their compliance.

Doctors, assistants, hygienists and office staff wear an assigned AuthAir token. The tokens stay conveniently in pockets, clipped to the wearer’s belt, or on a lanyard making use of encrypted communication, to transparently interact with previously secured workstations to create an authentication geofence. Only valid users wearing AuthAir tokens will automatically unlock an AuthAir secured workstation when they come within a preconfigured distance. There’s no confusing code or password to type in for access.

When authorized users step out of an operatory, the AuthAir secured station instantly locks down and can’t be accessed by patients or visitors, meeting the HIPAA Security Rule’s requirement to “keep sensitive data safe.” When staff re-enter the operatory, access is immediately restored, right w here they left off.

Tokens are uniquely assigned to each staff member. Audit trails are electronically captured. This makes it a snap if you ever need to
determine later, who accessed which workstation when. The included AuthAir Web Portal comes pre-configured to generate the most common reports of staff system access, alerts on potentially fraudulent access attempts, and easily allows for on-demand reporting.

The AuthAir solution is tailored to your practice’s size. A one time Setup Fee covers a site survey to determine the optimal configuration, installation of AuthAir software and specially designed encrypted Bluetooth dongles on each workstation, deployment of the Web Portal and training on its reporting options, and use of the Management Console. Additional User Fees, per person, per year, cover individual licenses, customer support, the AuthAir Dental Tokens and annual battery replacement.


  • Requires no change to office processes or procedures
  • Automatically locks and unlocks when staff enter the room without requiring them to remove gloves or continuously log on and off manually
  • Works equally well in operatories, offices and at the front desk
  • Scales to hundreds of users across multiple locations multiplying the efficiency gains


  • Eliminates the distraction of logging on and off, allowing doctors and staff to focus more on patient interaction
  • Increases patient confidence that your practice keeps identity-sensitive data safe and secure from possible theft or prying eyes


  • Integrates with your existing hardware and Windows-based practice management software, lowering the total solution cost compared to other alternatives
  • Painlessly logs staff on and off with built-in audit trail that meets HIPAA Security guidelines
  • Gives practices an easy-to-deploy, cost effective, immediate option to protect themselves | | 203.361.9031 | | 866.615.1729